About Us

We are involved in I.T. Services, small, medium and large Firework displays and we sell a small range of rocketry goods to the UK and world rocketry markets, specialising in the MicroHybrid. In fact Hpr.org.uk were the first people to offer a manufactured MicroHybrid motor to the public, before them there was only Rene Caldera (the inventor of the MicroHybrid) selling the plans and a kit of raw materials. Roy the founder of Hpr.org.uk bought one of the kits from Rene and made his first motor and loved it so much he arranged with Rene to make the motors and offer them for sale.

Hpr.org.uk can be contacted at the following address, we are not a shop so please don't turn up to buy items!

24 Wolston Meadow
Milton Keynes
MK10 9AY

or we can be contacted by phone on +44 (0)7515 253193

or via email:- Roy at  hpr.org.uk